4) Birkbeck College London

Scientific Staff

Prof. Hélyette Geman is a graduate from Ecole Normale Superieure. She holds a Masters degree in theoretical physics and a PhD in Mathematics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie, a PhD and an Habilitation à diriger des recherches in Finance from the University Pantheon Sorbonne. She is also a member of honour of the French Society of Actuaries. She was a Professor of Finance at the University Paris Dauphine from 1996 to 2006 and has been since at Birkbeck, University of London,where she is the Director of the Finance Commodity Centre.

Professor Geman has been a scientific advisor to a number of major energy and mining companies for the last 14 years, covering the spectrum of oil, natural gas, electricity and metals as well as agricultural commodities origination and trading. She was previously the Head of Research and Development at Caisse des Depots, time at which she introduced the "numéraire" representation of derivatives pricing. She has published more than 90 papers in major finance journals including the Journal of Finance, Mathematical Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Business. She wrote in 1999 a book entitled Insurance and Weather Derivatives and is a Member of Honor of the French Society of Actuaries. Her work on catastrophe derivatives received the AFIR (Actuarial Approach for Financial Risk) prize in 1994. Professor Geman's research also includes asset price modelling using jump-diffusions and Lévy processes -she is one of the authors of the CGMY model; stochastic modelling of commodity forward curves (oil, natural gas, electricity,coal, copper) and exotic option pricing for which she won the first prize of the Merrill Lynch Awards. She was named in 2004 in the Hall of Fame of Energy Risk and received in 2008 the ISA Medal in Sciences from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

Her reference book "Commodities and Commodity Derivatives" was published by Wiley Finance in January 2005 and translated since then into several languages, including Japanese. The new one, "Risk Management for Commodity Markets: from Shipping to Agriculturals and Metals", will be published in Summer 2008.

Hélyette Geman was the first President of the Bachelier Finance Society and is a Member of the Board of the UBS-Bloomberg Commodity Index. 

Expertise of the Team

The team members at the University contribute outstanding expertise in pricing of financial instruments and risk management. H. Geman’s research focuses on the use of pure jump Levy processes in asset price modelling, pricing and hedging commodity financial derivatives and physical assets as well as investing in commodities. B. Guilleminot is working on modelling issues regarding stochastic seasonality and storage models for agricultural commodities. S. Kuruvakalis considers the pricing of volumetric options on electricity and natural gas as well as the benefits of investing in commodity-related companies. Y. Shih analyses the benefit of the Constant Elasticity of Variance model for the trajectories of commodity prices. Z. Lu looks at the new issues raised by the recent developments in the credit market. S. Sarfo examines the impact of subsidies in developed countries for the revenues of developing countries producing agricultural commodities. Kozlowska looks at Kalman filter procedures to fit mean-reverting processes with time-varying parameters to commodities trajectories.


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Expertise in Training Young Scientists

Hélyette Geman has supervised more than 18 PhD students over the last 15 years on topics including high frequency data, catastrophe options and securitization of insurance risk and non-normality of returns and copulas for hedge funds management. Furthermore, she offered Ph.D. classes at different universities including the Université Paris Dauphine, the University of Zurich, and the University of Roma “La Sapienza”, and currently teaches a doctoral class at the London Graduate School for Mathematical Finance.

Role of the Research Team

The team will contribute to identify the scope for applications of new optimization techniques in the context of derivative pricing with a specific focus on commodity markets. One strength of the group is the focus on alternative processes such as mean-reverting diffusions, pure jump Levy processes, Constant Elasticity of Variance for the fitting of price trajectories, in particular in the domain of commodities, seasonal and non-seasonal. The analysis is conducted both under the real probability measure and the risk-adjusted measure. Moreover there is a high interest in “alternative asset classes”, such as Credit and Commodities.

Heuristics and other fields of expertise developed within the COMISEF network may prove very efficient in the calibration of the above-mentioned models.