2) Imperial College London

Scientific Staff

Staff Member Involvment

Prof Berç Rustem 15%
Dr Daniel Kuhn 10%
Prof Istvan Maros 5%
Dr Panos Parpas 5%

Berç Rustem holds a PhD in optimisation from University of London. He is Professor of Computational Methods in Operations Research at Imperial College London. He is Editor of Automatica, Computational Management Science and Advisory Editor of Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control.

Expertise of the Team

Imperial College London has a long tradition of research into optimisation methods and algorithms and their application to all engineering disciplines, macroeconomic policy and finance. Currently, the team in the Department of Computing specialises in stochastic programming, scenario tree generation research, linear and nonlinear optimisation (Maros, 2003) semidefinite and second order cone programming, minimax and worst-case robust strategies (Rustem and Howe, 2002, Rustem, Parpas, Zakovic, 2007), chance constrained optimisation (Parpas, Rustem, Pistikopoulos, 2008) global optimisation and their application to energy generation (Kuhn, 2007), pricing and general portfolio optimisation (Osorio, Gulpinar, Rustem, 2007).


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