Mission Statement

Overall Objectives

The key objective for the network research activities is to establish heuristic optimization as an additional research paradigm in quantitative research in the fields covered by the network including economics, statistics and finance. To this end, a clear formal analytical framework of performance and convergence of optimization heuristics will be developed. New applications in economics and finance will demonstrate the versatility and power of the proposed paradigm. The second key objective for the network is to train a cohort of early stage researchers with specific knowledge in this promising field of research activities. Experienced researchers will be equipped with complementary skills required for a successful career in this interdisciplinary research program. Third, COMISEF will contribute to disseminate the new research paradigm in academia and industry by organizing several tutorials, workshops and conferences and by contributing to relevant international conference series. The network will also use high-ranked scientific publications, its web platform and industry collaboration to disseminate the knowledge generated from its


COMISEF is a Marie Curie Research and Training Network (RTN). For more information, please visit Marie Curie Actions: Human Resources and Mobility.